Feedback Request: church plant wants to know how others see them

Snark MeterrealMID.003A few folks in our fellowship have asked how the world sees what we are doing. They asked if I could put some of St. Jude’s web info up on for feedback. Here it is. Critique welcome.

St. Jude’s Church: Being changed. Inviting others. 

Our aim is to be changed by Jesus Christ and invite others to be changed with us.

Our expression of the Body of Christ does this by being…

::Hospitable – Joy, welcome and hospitality are our spiritual DNA. God has welcomed us, so we welcome you.

::Liturgical – The rhythms of the Christian Year, ancient liturgies, and daily prayer connect us to God and one       another, helping us to grow as a community of Jesus followers.

::Multiethnic – Asking God to build true unity as we grow together in Christ.

::Missional – Looking outward toward the world to share the Good News of Jesus in word and action.

Why St. Jude’s?  Visit us if you desire to…

::be welcomed and valued in a caring community

::be challenged by biblical teaching from a variety of voices

::draw near to God through the ancient words & actions of the first Christians contextualized with relevant music

::experience a multi-ethnic, outward-looking expression of the body of Christ

::be formed by daily immersion in Scripture

::serve in a faith community that is not just in Phoenix but for Phoenix

::be developed as a kingdom leader


About our worship 

Worship at St. Jude’s is liturgical and joyful, a mix of the current and ancient. Each week there is uplifting music, a biblical message, and the celebration of Holy Communion. All are invited!

Our liturgy is projected to make it easy to follow. Visitors can participate as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Our slides are usually in English and Spanish.

Music: Given our multiethnic context, don’t be surprised if there are a variety of musical styles: Gospel, Spanish, spoken word and chant might accompany our hymns and praise songs.

Communion: All baptized Christians are welcome at Communion. Simply come forward holding out your hands to receive the bread. Anyone not desiring Communion is invited to come forward with their arms crossed on their chest to receive a blessing. People are available to pray with you on the sides of the sanctuary during and after Communion.

Children’s Program for ages 3 through sixth grade are offered during the first part of the service.  The children are dismissed at the readings and return to the worship service during the passing of the peace to share Holy Communion with their families. Your children will study an age-appropriate version of what you are studying in the sermon to facilitate talking about the Christian faith with your children at home.


We Believe

::St. Jude’s is shaped by and passes along the historic Christian faith. We are passionate about the Father’s radical love for the world; we embrace Jesus Christ and the fullness of new and eternal life offered through His death and resurrection; and we respond to the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

::We are anchored in the Bible as the ultimate standard for life and faith. The Great Commandment (Love God, love others) and Great Commission (Share God’s love) orient us toward the world. The historic statements of the Church (the Nicene and Apostle’s Creeds) guard our belief, and our worship is shaped by the Book of Common Prayer.



6 thoughts on “Feedback Request: church plant wants to know how others see them

  1. Especially appreciate how you express what you believe, Matt. Blessings to you and St. Jude’s Church. ………..Elizabeth

  2. Hey Matt….when I taught school, I set high standards, goals for my students and never had a class that failed to reach them. As a whole, they loved the challenge! Hope you’ll keep your expectations high! :)……elizabeth

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