A faith that will last: A call to ancient-future youth ministry

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It is values driven and data supported. It is life-changing and both church-sustained and church-sustaining.

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Building Faith That Will Last: January 5 Edition of The Living Church Magazine


5 thoughts on “A faith that will last: A call to ancient-future youth ministry

  1. Several years ago, I worked in a ministry that tried to establish a clearinghouse for local churches to help those in need. I found that the mainline churches were the first to volunteer their time and talents, but the least likely to share their faith. The evangelical/Pentecostal churches were the least likely to volunteer to serve, but always said they wanted to share the gospel message. To me this presented a dichotomy in the universal church. I think this thinking has filtered down through the churches to every program including the youth. The leadership of each church sets the tone and so if we want to change our youth programs, I feel we need to educate the leadership. Both churches feel they will compromise their theology by changing and that is where it gets sticky. I have even seen it create a church divide. Mainline churches say they are living out their faith without all the talking, and evangelicals/Pentecostals like to spread the good news, but not outside their comfort zone. Where I live, I would really like to have a church that does discipleship and service without throwing out all the traditions of the faith.

    • Hi Pam,
      Can I say, “Amen! O my goodness, yes!”

      A few months ago I linked to a friend’s daughter’s blog (https://thegospelside.com/2013/08/28/the-price-of-the-gospel/) in which she had a similar experience serving.

      It almost feels as if we are reacting against other Christians than being with and about Jesus…”I don’t serve its too…. or I preach it’s too….

      When I read the early church fathers and their interactions with the political powers of the day, it is clear that Christians were serving out of the abundance of God’s love. It is also clear that the serving opened the door and for a verbal witness was also present and powerful.

      Thank you for your comments, Pam. Let’s do everything we can do to build churches such as these in our little corners of the world.

  2. Another well articulated case for discipleship as the basis of ministry, Matt. Thank you for writing this. The aspect of youth ministry being primarily youth who do ministry is such a powerful key to starting out a life of following in the steps of Jesus. Roland Allen would have been proud.

    I really enjoyed reaing about Illya!! Hopefully someday I can visit St. Jude’s again and meet his mother.

    I do have one observation: The parish leaders that want to see this kind of youth ministry will very likely need to change the entire culture of thier parish to a discipleship chulture from an evagelical attractional culture or a moderate to liberal service culture.

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