The Greatest Comeback


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It might have been the biggest comeback in sports history: Tiger Woods, once golf’s greatest player, had not won a major tournament in 11 years. His emotional issues, self-destructive behavior, and substance abuse problems well-documented. Winning the Masters Tournament when off your game in life sounds far-fetched. But winning the green jacket for the 5thtime after barely being able to walk two years ago is simply unbelievable – The man has had four back surgeries, the last one a spinal fusion.

Yet, when the ball rolled into the cup on the 18th hole giving him the win, Tiger and everyone I could see on television, erupted in cheers. It was a moment of redemption. A man who for years appeared to have given up on himself, a man who has spent a decade as a has-been, all of a sudden playing the best golf of his storied career.[1]

But Tiger wasn’t the only comeback last week. All around the planet Christians celebrated the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. An event so momentous, that even when we attempt to purge the religious roots, everyone still knows we date time by it. An event so powerful, that it is the historic basis of the most-followed religion on earth.[2] An event so persuasive that many who have attempted to debunk it have become believers in it.[3] And regardless of the dismissive opinions expressed by Union Theological Seminary president Serene Jones last week, Jesus’ return was THE great comeback.[4] Unlike Tiger, who seemed to have given up on a comeback, Jesus actually predicted his.[5]

It is because of Jesus’ comeback you can have your Tiger moment. No matter what might have happened in your life; your pain, struggles, addictions or past, Tiger’s weekend is a reminder that comebacks are possible. That weekend points to the other, even greater comeback in which death itself been defeated and real life taken-up from the grave. Jesus offers that ultimate victory to you and to me.[6] Maybe this year is the year for your great comeback!


[1]Golf Digest says that Tiger is hitting the greens at a higher rate than at any time in his career. the-critical-stat-tiger-performing-at-a-career-best-level

[2]1 Cor. 15:17-19

[3]CS Lewis, Frank Morris and Lee Strobel to name a few.


[5]See: John 2:18-22, 10:17-18; Matthew 12:39-40, 16:4 & 21, 27:63; Mark 8:31, 14:58; Luke 9:22

[6]See John 1:12 and Revelation 3:20


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