Help. I’m a new youth minister.

Click the photo to download a pdf handout of the slides from the “Help. I’m a new youth minister” seminar Caren Miles and I led last night at the Pneuma conference.

Help I'm a new youth minister.001



2 thoughts on “Help. I’m a new youth minister.

  1. Thanks, Matt! Since I serve a church of mostly seniors (right now) in the Chicago suburbs, I can’t really dive into youth ministry right now. In terms of pastoral care, I’m dealing with member hospitalizations, care centers, and adult children caring for aged family members. However–I downloaded your presentation, in hopes of new life and growth at my church!

    We had a new fifth grader join our class of five other grade school kids last Sunday. And, our church will have its first baptism in three years this coming Sunday. Here’s praying for your ministry. Please, pray for us here at little St. Luke’s Church.

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