Happy Anniversary!


Snark MeterMID.002A huge thank you to everyone who has read The Gospel Side blog this year. A year ago I started blogging. I tried blogging once before. No one read it. Not even my family.

When I started my hope was 10 hits a day. My big hairy audacious goal was 100. Imagine my surprise when busy people like you came and read at close to a thousand a day. Thank you so much for allowing me to think out loud with you.

I do have some fun plans in the works. If you have any good ideas to add, bring ’em on!



6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Very recently I came across your blog, and I started reading your writings on various important things. The article “What’s so uncool about cool churches” is very relevant to the Indian context. Some of my friends, my wife and I have joined together to publish a quarterly magazine NEIGHBOUR. We print 700 copies to distribute in India, and for our overseas friends we have a website http://www.neighbourss.com. This gives the objectives of the magazine. We would like to publish the above article in the October Issue. We appreciate if you could give us permission to do so. My email id: kamalakar.duvvur@gmail.com

    I tried to find your personal email id, but couldn’t find it.

  2. Thank you for your blog. A colleague of mine brought it to my attention. I find it insightful and have used it with some of the leadership/ staff of my church. Please keep challenging your readership to better discipleship.

    • Thank you, Marc. I am glad my thinking out loud is seen as potentially helpful. I do want us to fall more deeply in love with Jesus and walk after him more closely. blessings in your leadership of your church.


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