Ask an Anglican: The Future of North American Anglicanism

Father Jonathon at Conciliar Anglican put up a fantastic post today regarding the schism, re-schism and more schism occurring in North American Anglicanism. The last 3 sections call for us to “repent and return to God, that times of refreshing might come from the Holy Spirit.” (Acts 3:19) is well-worth following.

The Conciliar Anglican

Ethan writes:

I’m a seminary student and recent convert to Anglicanism from charismatic non-denominationalism. Since marching down the Canterbury Trail, I have been involved with an Anglican Mission church that is part of the realignment movement. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog as part of my transition and only noticed today that you minister within TEC. I respect your thoughts on classical Anglicanism as a back-to-the-Fathers kind of Christianity, thus a good balance of Catholic and Protestant sentiments, and so I would love to hear what you think about the realignment (ACNA, AMiA, etc.). Obviously the historical fact of the Reformation implies the need to separate from corrupt ecclesiastical authority, but I’ve also encountered many orthodox Christians, such as yourself, who are committed to TEC. Any wisdom/perspective you have on the issue would be of great value to my journey, if you have the time.

Though this question came…

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